7 Things You’re Doing to Sabotage Your Success

We set goals for ourselves to find the success that we dreamed of. If that means setting goals to be debt free, then we do what we need to do to accomplish those goals. This entails setting a budget that needs to be followed, tracking our spending using spreadsheets, and living more frugal to prevent any unnecessary spending. These little goals that you accomplish will help you reach your bigger goal to become debt free.

Although we like to set ourselves up for success, how do you know if you’re able to even accomplish them?

I read an email from Medium and it listed several points on how to be unsuccessful. If you don’t know what Medium is, it’s a platform for writers that write content on many various topics. I like it because it gives me different ideas to what I can blog about.

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Anyway, the email I received got me thinking about how being unsuccessful looks like at the other side. I always focus on positivity and doing things that will help you stay ahead. Never had I once thought about all the things that people might be doing to sabotage themselves and their success. Continue to below to see what I had learned from Personal Growth on Medium.

Below are common traits that could sabotage your success.

Be Impulsive: Allow emotions to control your thinking and behavior. Don’t think things through or look at things from different angles.

Have a Negative Attitude: Blame other people for your problems. Especially problems you created. And feel sorry for yourself.

Be Over-Confident: Believe that you know things you don’t actually know and be sure about it. Jump to conclusions. Believe you’re better at things than you really are.

Be Unreliable: Always be thinking about yourself. Don’t show up. Do a poor job.

Stop Learning: Don’t read. Don’t continuously educate yourself.

Don’t Choose Your Friends Wisely: Hang around negative, under-educated people and take their advice to heart.

Always Try To Fit In: Make decisions based primarily on what other people will think about you.

If these traits sound familiar to you, you might be destroying your own chances for success. The crazy part of all this is that you may not even realize you’re doing it.

So let’s try to turn things around one trait at a time.

I’ll explain what I like to do keep pushing myself towards success.

  • I follow other blogs in my interests and listen to their podcasts
  • Read books on personal finance
  • Keep track of where the money is going
  • Connect with other people who ‘get you’

Continue to read more on Daily Positivity in Baby Steps So You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed On Your Debt Free Journey.

Daily Positivity in Baby Steps So You Don’t Feel Overwhelmed On Your Debt Free Journey

What do you do to help keep yourself stay on the positive track to success?



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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.
Join Me On

Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.

Comments (10)

  1. I think the biggest one is blaming others. I have a close family member that for years did this. There was always some excuse on why he couldn’t get ahead. We grew up in the same place, same situations, but he thought he couldn’t make it because of bad luck or whatever you want to call it.

    Thankfully he is in a better financial place, and when we look back at it he now takes the responsibility of his actions and bad choices he made. I think that was the turning point for him, realizing that it was up to him to change his life, not ‘the universe’.
    Gabe A. @ The Shiny Dollar recently posted…Basic Step 3: Creating A Budget (And Sticking To It)My Profile

    1. I think we all have the ONE family member that likes to blame others and never admitting their mistakes. Sometimes that person can be very toxic and that’s where the drama starts to unfold. I’m glad he was able to realize his actions and be more responsible.

  2. Gave makes a great point. My close family member (sister) does this (blames others)- taking responsibility for your own actions is the first step to success. Another thing is not having integrity and not following through with what one says they will do.
    GYM recently posted…Traveling to Hawaii for 5 Weeks with an InfantMy Profile

    1. You both make great points! Blaming others is not the way to go. Each person is responsible for how they want their own lives to go.

  3. I always like a quote I remembered from college, “Learning Never Exhausts the Mind” It has stuck with me even today. From reading books and experiences in life their’s always something new you learn about. You can learn something from a senior citizen or even Baby with Cents. Never stop learning!!
    Great read Melanie!
    Kris recently posted…Expense Chronicles – September 2017My Profile

    1. Thanks Kris! I like your quote, thanks for sharing it because I do agree with it. We never stop learning. We’re always learning. And if there’s something that we want to do, there’s learning involved.

  4. I often struggle with having a negative attitude when it comes to my goals and not reaching them fast enough. I have found that practicing meditation and yoga has helped me be more mindful with my thinking. Great post!

    1. Hi Alexis!

      Thank you for commenting! When I first created this blog I found myself frustrated that everything was going so slowly. I was also overwhelmed that I was trying to do everything as fast as I could. I have learned to now slow down and do things one at a time and it’s been helping 🙂

  5. You make a good point about how trying to fit in can sabotage our finances. Along those same lines, comparing ourselves to others can lead to trouble as well. I don’t necessarily care about fitting in with other people but sometimes I’ll see what other people have achieved and feel bummed that I haven’t reached their level yet. It can be financially, professionally, or other things in life.
    Cato @thedollarbuild recently posted…Rebalancing Your PortfolioMy Profile

    1. Thanks for commenting Cato! It’s hard not to compare yourself with others. I try not to let it affect me negatively but look at it as inspiration that someday ‘I will get there’. 🙂

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