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I’m glad you stopped by my page! My name is Melanie and I created Mommy Finance to help inspire, give ideas, and hold myself accountable on the goals I want to pursue. Through this blog, I share with you anything and everything related to budgeting, finances, and family.

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Fun random facts about me.

  • I have never seen snow before
  • I love sushi!
  • Japan is one travel destination that is on my bucket list
  • I broke my collarbone during Judo practice before the season even started…I was able to stay on the team to help out
  • My son was born on the 13th, my dad told me to hold him in until the next day…..uh sorry dad, nature doesn’t work that way lol
  • Mommy Finance is actually my third blog
  • I did one blogger meet up with GenYMoney.com
  • My only debt is a mortgage loan

I was born and raised in Oahu, Hawaii. I also have a spunky little boy who is growing up way too fast. What inspired me to start this blog was when I had somewhat of a panic attack before I turned 30 years old. We have our own place that comes with an expensive mortgage payment, and after living on our own for over a year, it dawned on me that it was really hard to save money.

I had to make changes fast and I document my journey on this blog.

One huge change that I made was changing the way I look at money. I used to save whatever money I had leftover before receiving a new paycheck. I now save first before I spend anything. It was going well until I had to put my son in preschool due to not having any babysitter available. Preschool expenses took a huge hit to my budget and I was faced with a dilemma of trying to build my savings.

Now my goal is to try and bring in more income.

Will I accomplish that goal? We’ll see.

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