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Welcome to the resources page about anything and everything that has to do with blogging!

Blogging is a challenge that takes up most of your time, but in the end, it can be very rewarding. The success of a blog measures up to how much time you put into building your blog every single day.

Feel free to refer back to this page as much as you want as this resource page will continue to grow as I add more content to my blog.

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Before you start scrolling down I just want to mention a disclaimer. This page has affiliate links. What it means is that I could receive a small commission if you click on a link to the product or service that I recommend to you. It doesn’t cost you a thing and these are products that I personally use myself. I only share products and services that I really like.

Here are some of the tools that I personally use for my Mommy Finance Blog.

BLUEHOST – When I was ready to start my blog, I looked into this company because my favorite finance blogger had also used this company when he started his blog. I’ve used GoDaddy before so I didn’t think there was much of a difference with hosting, but once I compared pricing for the name of my future blog I was floored! I couldn’t believe how expensive GoDaddy was! BlueHost became my pick and I couldn’t be any happier. Setting up my blog with was easy, setting up my email account was easy, and I love how easy it was to use their site, everything is pretty much done for you in a step-by-step manner. Now I see why my favorite blogger promotes this web host.

Start brainstorming some names below!

THEMEFOREST – I have created blogs in the past and it was all from using free templates. I’ve never bought a theme before so I was a bit skeptical. Well, I’m so glad I didn’t listen to myself, the biggest help was the theme’s support help and it is super easy to just drag and drop things and adding content.

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Free stock images and videos that you can use anywhere

PicMonkey – I loved their free trial so much that I signed up. This is what I use to create awesome images for my blog. I really like it because there’ are so many cute fonts to choose from and the user interface is easy to navigate through.

CANVA – Similar to PicMonkey, this is free to use but the paid version has, even more, features that are available to use that the free version doesn’t have. I had started out with Canva at first but after awhile, their selection becomes limited. Its great to start off with, try it for yourself.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner,

Michelle’s course was the first course I ever bought since I had started my Mommy Finance blog. She went from making $0 to making $900,000 and I trusted every word she had to share on her blog. If she could make a living from blogging, then I want to learn from her and do the same. It just so happened that I also bought her course when I saw that she had a sale going on.

Traffic Transformation by Lena Gott,

The second course I ever bought to help me with traffic and Pinterest. Lena gave a lot of good tips when it came to traffic strategies and how most of it came from Pinterest. I’m slowly learning Pinterest so it’s been an interesting world for me. I take it slowly so that I don’t overwhelm myself but she also gives good points on how to make good Pinterest images and how she combines different fonts to make attractive images.

Join an affiliate network. One way to monetize your blog is to promote products through an affiliate network, hence the term affiliate marketing. The products you see here on my blog are products that I personally use. The affiliate network that I teamed up with is called ShareASale. It’s free to join and there are many products that you could promote that would fit your niche.

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I hope you enjoyed this list, again, feel free to come back here and then as more content gets added to the blog.



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