Classic Valentine’s Day Date Ideas that are Still Romantic and Saves You Money

classic valentine's day date ideas that are still romantic and saves you money

I can’t believe Valentine’s Day is coming up already. I swear we were just celebrating Christmas not too long ago. Although this holiday is about celebrating love, how can we do it on a budget? Below are some ideas that my boyfriend and I have done in the past and some new date ideas that I came across. Hopefully, you’ll find something that would interest you in doing with your partner.





Put together a scrapbook of your favorite memories. I had done this when my boyfriend and I were still in our early stages of dating. I had printed out a bunch of photos, wrote I Love You notes and decorated each page with a theme. We still have it till this day, maybe one day I’ll show my son so that he has ideas…..maybe. Hahaha.



I’m not sure about you, but our first date was at the movies with dinner right after. I even remember what movie we had seen that night. It was Emily Rose lol. My boyfriend hates horror movies but he knows that I love them. Have a date night where you could visit the spot your first date was held. It’s always nice to reminisce about the past.



You can never go wrong with I Love You notes. Something about having a personalized handwritten note is a different feeling compared to getting a text or an email. It just feels more genuine. One year, my boyfriend made a Valentine’s Day card for me and in it was a poem he had written. Till this day I still have it. I guess you can call me sentimental.


Can’t spend time together in person? How about sending them food? There are so many services out there that lets you order food and have it delivered. I have done this once in the past. Honestly, I’ll never do it again lol. I had to work on a Valentine’s Day but my boyfriend was off. At the time, I thought it was a great idea to order from Pizza Hut and have it delivered to his house for lunch. They made it into a heart-shaped pizza too, do you remember that promo that was done years ago? Well, what was embarrassing was that I forgot to include the tip in my payment. Oops. Don’t forget to add the tip so your partner doesn’t have to pay for anything.



Don’t want to go out for dinner? Set up a romantic scene at home or in the backyard. I haven’t done this personally but I can see how much the effort could be appreciated. When I think of a romantic dinner at home, I think of being dressed up and having a nice romantic set up in the backyard with pretty hanging lights and candles to set the atmosphere. Just like in romance movies.



People like sunsets and its no secret. Here’s a tourist tip for you whether you’ll be visiting Hawaii for Valentine’s Day or just having a regular vacation – set up a picnic at the beach and lay out a blanket on the sand. Be sure to be at the beach before the sun sets. It’s a romantic scene. You’ll also see everyone else taking photos of the scenery.



I understand that putting down your phone for a few hours is hard. Believe me, it’s hard if you’re not being kept busy. But you’d be surprised at how great your conversation will go without any tech involved. There’s plenty of eye contact and listening involved. These two gestures help deepen the connection you have with your partner.


DO A CARD EXCHANGE….in the store

A fun way to save money is to do a Valentine’s Day card exchange, right there in the store. I thought this was a cute gesture but why not? Choosing a card that helps express the way you feel and then putting it back on the shelf is a cute exchange between partners. I wonder if my boyfriend will be up to doing this. I’m actually curious to see what he would pick out.


TRY A DANCE CLASS – Salsa anyone?

Have you ever tried a dance class before? I always wanted to do a salsa class but I think doing something like that is going way out of my comfort zone lol. But I’m willing to try it one day. Doing a dance class together would be a fun experience that would bring the both of you out of your comfort zone.



This has gotten so popular in Hawaii! Do you have this in your area? I think a wine and painting class would be a fun experience to do. You both have something to share at home later on.



Want to go on a vacation but don’t really have the money for one? We have done a staycation multiple times in the past before having our son and it was always fun to get away for a bit. We would get a hotel room for the weekend, hang out at the pool, and drink without worrying about driving home.


What have you and your partner done in the past for Valentine’s Day?

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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.
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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.

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