Creative Fun Ways to Gift Money for Any Occassion

As Christmas draws near, I can feel the pressure of getting my Christmas shopping list done as soon as possible so that I can pass them out before the Christmas weekend. Knowing that time is almost up is giving me so much pressure hahah. Anyway, for any last minute gifts, a gift card or just to gift money is always my go-to gift. 

But the more I think about it, the more I think of how boring it is to receive a holiday card and money in it. If I were the recipient, I may not even read the card because all I saw was what was attached to it.

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To make gift money more memorable, I found some pretty unique ways that you can do.

Useful Ways to Gift Money Using Boxes

Chocolate Box of Money found on Life as a Mom

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” Forrest Gump

In Hawaii, we have See’s Candies here and I just love their boxes of chocolates. It would be such a treat for me when I receive those. This would be such a sweet idea to give anyone and in a sense, it’s much healthier without the calories.

Kleenex Cash Box found on Redefined Mom

I thought this was a cool DIY gift money box! I can see myself creating one of these for someone AND I use a lot of tissue boxes. A frugal win for me!

Creative DIY for Gift Money

How to Make a Money Notepad by What Mommy Does

Who would’ve thought to create a cool way to gift money like this? I didn’t even know there were materials to do stuff like this. I always thought it would have to go to a specialty shop or something to put this together. This would be a gift that would get everyone asking ‘who made this?!’

Gift Money Leis Found on Lil Luna

Lei’s are super popular in Hawaii. When I graduated from high school and college, I had lei’s that topped up to my forehead. Other than feeling heavy, hot and sweaty, it was awesome to celebrate with family and friends. I had both real and fake lei’s, along with kukui nut and money lei’s. Until this day, I still have the money lei’s.

Money Origami found on Homemade Gifts Made Easy

I would have to say that this was one of the most memorable ways I gift money to my friend who was getting married. Using the same site for the instructions, I created a dress and suit like the ones above and in between it I folded a money heart. I place it on a nice background with an inspiring quote and framed it. My friend loved it and I told her that it can be used for emergency money as well.

Money Chain found on Less Than Perfect Life of Bliss

I remember in elementary school, we would make these colorful chains using construction paper. Using money is actually a brilliant idea! Any child or adult would love to have these.

Not Gift Money Ideas but Money Related Ideas

Cash System Wallet by The Bit Loom

I came across this on Instagram and this type of wallet would be the best gift for people that like to budget using the envelope cash system.

Books about Personal Finance

Books are technically no gift money ideas, but they do provide some valuable information that relates to money. Take this book below for an example. A lot of people nowadays do side hustles to supplement their income. Let’s face it, prices continue to go up and it never comes back down.

Hustle Away Debt: Eliminate Your Debt by Making More Money

Get more book ideas here:

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Money Maze Puzzle by LTD

Who knew these gift money toys existed! I think I would’ve loved to have something like this. It makes you solve a puzzle and once it’s unlocked, you get your fabulous prize!

There are so many gift money ideas out there that it’s so hard to list every single one of them. Hopefully, the ideas shared here will kick-start your creativity for ways to gift money.

I hope you enjoyed this article of gift money ideas and Happy Holidays!

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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.
Join Me On

Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I’m a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.

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