Quick Useful Ways to Get out of Your Rut So You Don’t Fail

Honest moment here. I feel like I’m stuck in a rut or at least I’m going to be. There’s a lot going on in my life right now that I feel like I might eventually lose control and break down. If you are following me on Instagram, then you’ll know that I’m trying to save for Preschool. Our babysitting situation is changing next year and we have no other choice but to put our son in Preschool. The school year already started but I was able to find two preschools near our work area that will be able to accommodate our son starting January.

The downfall to this is the time they open their doors in the morning and how it affects our start times for work with the additional expense of preschool tuition. The first school is $955 per month from 6 am to 4:30 pm. It’s perfect for our work schedules but the tuition will definitely kill my budget. The second school is $600 per month from 7 am to 5 pm which kills our work schedules but fits perfectly with my budget. I also can’t apply for any state help because the state say’s ‘I make too much’.

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I’m happy that I was able to start saving ahead of time with the fact that my son WILL BE attending preschool which puts me several months ahead with the tuition payments. This definitely helped me big time with the habit of continuing to budget and coupon. All we needed to do was survive until he started preschool.

BUT. I now have a new expense and that’s life insurance for both the bf and I. We’ve been talking about life insurance before our son was even born. The fact that we now have a life to be responsible for changes your way of thinking. Now that we have our own house, it changes things even more. The thought of making sure your family is taken care of no matter what happens to you sticks in your head until you do something to ease your worry. My boyfriend is a mechanic supervisor so his line of work constantly puts him in danger and I constantly worry of the ‘what ifs.’

Now that we both have life insurance and our family is taken care of, we now don’t have to worry about the ‘what ifs’.

But now my new worry is that I now have an added monthly expense to add to my list which will definitely eat away at the possible savings I could save per month to put towards preschool tuition.

Not only am I worried about my expenses, I’m also worried about work. The other admin secretary is leaving due to A LOT of reasons that I will most likely share at another time. But for the past couple of months, the tension between her and my boss has been getting worse up to a point where everyone in the department felt it. It was bad and I was getting pulled into the middle by her. Anyway, I’m happy for her as she was able to transfer to a different department but now I’m just worried about my workload. I know I can handle but it’ll affect me over time and affect my motivation to build this blog.

I honestly love my building my blog and connecting with everyone on social media. I’m just worried at how long I can put up with everything. Things seem to keep popping up my way that will affect me. I feel like I can never win. I feel like I’m going to be in a rut and get stuck in it. I don’t want to be in that situation and I don’t want to slowly make my way there.

Everyone’s situation is different and we all have our own worries. But I’m sure that you’ll agree with me when I say that we don’t want to feel like we’re in a rut.

Here is what you can do to get out of a rut.

Talk to a friend.

I have my boyfriend to talk to and I also have the communities to help me stay motivated. Whether it’s the personal finance community or the debt-free community, you guys help me by providing support and words of courage. The last time I was overwhelmed and frustrated, I vented on my Instagram page. Remember that? I had comments from the community that provided a lot of advice and support. It helped me refocus and concentrate on what’s more important.

Remember my goals.

This piece of advice is related to above. Sometimes I forget my goals that I started off with as I continue to create newer goals along the way. Talking to the community helps me refocus and remember why I even started my journey in the first place. No one said it was going to be easy but as long as there is guidance and support, all goals can be accomplished.

Read blogs.

I like to read and reading blogs makes it even better. I like to read personal stories and how people solve problems. This helps me stay motivated and focused. It also makes me realize that everyone has their own hardships that they’re trying to battle. I’m no one special but their motivation is what helps me stay motivated.

Get more sleep.

I am always thinking and I’m always feeling tired because I don’t get enough sleep. Sometimes I have a hard time sleeping because I’m always thinking. I think about my blog, about what I need to do the next day, what I need to do over the weekend. I’m basically thinking of my to-do list. Getting more sleep will help me feel more recharged even if I’m thinking too much. I think I get about 4-5 hours each night, sometimes less if my son decides to crash on our bed in the middle of the night and do acrobats that will keep us awake.

Take a hike.

I can literally take a hike to relax or even workout a little. Endorphins are released in your body when you break a sweat which makes you feel happy. A good workout can help relieve the stress.

This is how I’m planning to get out of a rut. I never try to get stuck any deeper because it’ll be harder to come out.

How do you get out of a rut if you’re starting to feel stuck?


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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.
Join Me On

Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.

Comments (7)

  1. That’s a rough situation with day care. I had to do some creative math because starting January, the monthly cost for a babysitter for my son will Ben about $650. I started figuring out vacations and holidays (since it’s generally charged daily here) and come up with an average of how much it would monthly after all that, and that’s what we put into an “Bills account”.

    Everything else will pass. Sometimes things seem overwhelming and new doors open up, or we just power through it and get stronger.

    Your budget will adjust and you’ll figure that out as well. This is just a bump on the road.

    Remember “in the end, it’ll all be ok. And if it’s not, then it’s not the end”.

    -someone smarter than me
    Gabe @ The Shiny Dollar recently posted…You’re Just LuckyMy Profile

    1. Thanks for your comment Gabe! It is a bit frustrating and I would be happy to pay $650 instead of $955 for daycare lol. That’s actually cheap too because newborns are typically $1,000 and up. But like you said, it’s just a bump in the road.

  2. Sorry to hear that things are going to be changing and Preschool expenses will be adding up 🙁 Keep going with this blog, it’s great and you are helping others and connecting with others. 4-5 hours of sleep isn’t very much, and I thought I wasn’t getting enough sleep. Will the new daycare allow you to get more sleep (so you don’t have to wake up and drive through traffic to your sister’s home?).
    GYM recently posted…Money Regrets: Two Things I Spent Money On That I Wish I Hadn’tMy Profile

    1. Thank you for commenting GYM! The junk part of living in Hawaii is that traffic will always be bad no matter which freeway we take. It’s going to be hard but I’m hoping we can survive. I wish I did have more sleep though lol.

  3. Sucks to read about your preschool situation, if you can budget well maybe go with the more expensive preschool since it fits your schedule but if you can get around your schedule to go to the less expensive school then go for that one.
    You will get out of this, it’s just a matter of planning and executing that plan.
    Kris recently posted…My Financial MistakesMy Profile

    1. Happy news Kris! I got a call back from the preschool that is right across from my work place! The tuition is $805 a month but the location is a lot more convenient for me. Yay! Now it’s a matter of surviving the payments until he goes to kindergarten lol.

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