How Work Life Affected My Blogging Goals and How to Overcome It

Wow! October came and went so quick! I feel like I’ll be saying that every month when it’s time to do my monthly reports. October is my favorite month, not only is there Halloween in it but it’s also a month of scary movies. I’m such a fan of scary movies that close friends just look at me weird. Seriously, I will watch scary movies, alone in the dark, home alone. I’m just weird in my own way like that. You may find me even weirder if you know that I like to go to haunted houses. I just find it to be so fun. So time for a new monthly report, October was pretty much how work life affected my blogging goals.

Before I continue, I’d like to share that links below may contain my affiliate links. What it means is that I could receive a small commission if you click on a link to the product or service that I use myself and recommend to you.


Comparing my September report to my current report, I haven’t accumulated any more debt. I still have my mortgage and I don’t really count it as my debt. I see it as a monthly utility bill at the moment. I also realized with my 401(k) loan, it’s a lot better to not pay it back so quickly. I’m paying myself back but I was told that it’s better to concentrate on more important things.

Feel free to check out my previous reports below:


October Blog Stats


As you can see from the image above, my traffic dropped big time due to not posting 3 times a week. I’m hoping in November it will look better.

October Top Referrers

My top referrer continues to be from Instagram. I definitely like Linktree a lot for Instagram as it offers visitors more than one link to click on. I definitely use it to my advantage. You can try it out Linktree for yourself, it’s free!

Here are my top 5 blog posts

I’m actually surprised to see that my post “How Bloggers Make Money from Blogging” stayed in the top 5 posts two months in a row. I guess it’s something that people are really curious about. But who can blame them, making money from a blog is a dream come true!

My schedule for new posts

I’m sad to say that scheduling new posts has dropped significantly for October. I went so well in September that I tanked big time in October. I’m going to try and post twice a week since going three times a week may be overwhelming for me at this moment.

Here are my blog posts for October.

You can definitely see how some of my posts reflected what I was feeling at the time. Work life took a toll on me and some days I felt like I just didn’t have the energy to continue with my blog. I felt like I needed to take that break so I don’t feel overwhelmed and quit altogether. I don’t want to quit, especially when I’m just getting started.

With the help from Gabe over at The Shiny Dollar, my Adsense looks much cleaner to how it was before. He recommended that I download Ad Inserter and I’m glad I did. The plugin is pretty simple to use but I did have this weird mishap where my ads took over my homepage. He helped me fix it by recommending getting a new type of ad to replace the old one I was using. I also changed the layout of my blog to make easier to read and updated the look of my Related Posts that are interlinking in each post.

I have to say that with his input, I am liking the simple look to my blog. It feels less cluttered.


When you’re not in the right mindset because of work life, it can definitely take a toll in other areas of your goals. Take my blog for example. I didn’t have the mental energy to go on social media and network. Whatever free time I had available I had to just take the moment to relax.

Here is how work life affected my marketing strategy:

Commenting on other blogs: I try to read at least 5 blogs per day (mostly during my lunch break) and I leave a comment. I also retweet it if I remember to. I haven’t been able to do this. My lunch breaks have been reserved for reading other blog posts but lately, I have been interrupted at my desk so many times that it just ruins my break. I would eat outside for lunch but I need a computer for blogging reasons. I find it harder to do it on my phone.

Responding back to comments: I want to network with others so I will definitely take the time to respond back to comments. This could be a comment that was left on my blog or a comment that was left elsewhere.

Staying active on Twitter, IG: Again, this is where I try to spend 10 mins each time on either platform throughout the day. I am mainly on Instagram, so that’s where you’ll mostly find me. I recently signed up for Viral Content Bee for Twitter. I needed help staying active on Twitter so I figured a scheduler would help. It’s a free service and you share other people’s tweets to receive points. As you build points, you can use it to submit your own content for other people to tweet out. It’s pretty interesting so check it out yourself.

Deactivated my FB page: I had a page for my blog but when people I know started popping up in my Suggested People feed and my Mommy Finance started popping up in their feeds, I quickly deactivated anything that would connect the two together. I already had 3 people I know find my IG page and I didn’t want more people to find out lol. When I’m ready I’ll share my blog with everyone. For now, I just want to be anonymous to my family and friends.

Follow Fridays: I think it’s pretty amazing to see what others are doing in the debt-free community which is why I like to give shout-outs.

Here are the folks that I have shared in October: @duoonadime@eatpraybudget@debtfreeby35_@thewealthgardener@foundhealthwealthtime@penniesinabudget@penniesandplans@easy_budget@timothyskim


Twitter: 369 Following (+107)

Other than joining Viral Content Bee recently, I’ve been using it to stay active at least daily. I also post my Instagram posts to Twitter. I’m just surprised that people somehow find me, but I think that it’s pretty cool.

Instagram: 1,008 Followers (+135)

Holy smokes! I didn’t realize I had this many followers! I am amazed and grateful for the people I meet along the way. Wow. Just wow. I need to do a giveaway!! Any thoughts to what kind of prizes?


Not enough time. I am pretty much facing the same challenges I faced in September. There are so many things to do that I don’t have enough time during the day. I would need to sacrifice some sleep if anything.

Work life. So many things happened in October with work that it really affected me mentally outside of work. Now that the drama is over, my workload has picked up. The workload isn’t so bad, it’s manageable. It was the drama that drained me. Hopefully, November is my month to catch up and get back on track.

Blog traffic. This will always be a working progress for me. I know that I can do it, I just need more time. I’m just happy that I even get any traffic at all to this blog.


Here is a list of everything that I had invested into creating my blog and to keep it running. I haven’t bought anything new, so this section will stay the same.

Bluehost: $95.40

Tailwind: $208.88 (I bought for Pinterest and Instagram)

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: $197.00

Blog Traffic Transformation: $50 (Regular price $79)

PicMonkey: $47.88


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I wasn’t able to complete everything for October, but November will be for catching up and adding a few more goals.

It will be a busy month but I think I got this.

How Did Your Month of October Look? 

Helpful Resources that I’d Like to Share:

Below you’ll find my top resources for blogging, saving money & more!

Blog Resources: Here is a list of tools that I personally use for my own blog. See all the courses I took to improve how I blog and the list of plugins that help keep my blog running smoothly.

Save Money on Groceries: This has been such a struggle for me since day 1 and I always go over budget with grocery shopping on certain weeks. But as long as I stick with my plan, I have my shopping list, and I leave the boyfriend home then I’ll be fine.

$5 Meal Plan: This has been such a time saver for me! This relates to my resource above on grocery shopping. I struggled with meal prepping because I just don’t have the time to spend looking for recipes. I decided to try this out because I have seen popular bloggers mention it and curiosity got the best of me. The system sends me recipes and a shopping list weekly. The recipes are so easy to cook and it helps me save time.

Personal Capital: Do you know what your net worth is currently? Instead of logging into many accounts to track my net worth, I rely on one service. Personal Capital tracks your investments, expenses, and savings. The best thing about this? It’s free!

Free Printables: I went a bit crazy and created a bunch of my own printables that I use for myself to help keep me organized. I also find some amazing printables online that I’d like to share with you. You access everything if you sign up below. I’ll send you the password and the library is yours to enjoy!

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Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.
Join Me On

Hi! Welcome to Mommy Finance. I'm a full-time working mom of one. Finance can drive anyone crazy and I try to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, money and family.

Comments (12)

  1. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Im happy to help.

    By the way… you can watch scary movies in November too! We won’t judge!

    About the 401k loans… I’ve always been against them unless its an emergency… But sometimes you have to! Although I would say, even though you don’t pay interest on the loan, you lose out on the market gains (which have been amazing this year)… So its something to think about!

    Hopefully November is less hectic, although the end of the years starts getting a little crazy with the holidays and all that…

    I look forward to the next post!
    Gabe A. @ The Shiny Dollar recently posted…My Investing MistakesMy Profile

    1. Of course I’m going to give you a shout out lol.

      I like scary movies in October because it’s always playing on TV. I don’t have to wait for it to load or anything on my computer.

      For my 401(k) loan, I really wanted to pay it off this year. I could have too if I didn’t have so many unexpected expenses show up. My goal to pay it off was December. I guess I’m stuck with $6,000 something, for now. >_< I'm really hoping November will ease up a bit. It also doesn't help that the holidays are coming lol. Thanks for commenting!

    1. Hi GYM! I was surprised that I’m somehow getting traffic from your site as well! It must be from leaving comments on your blog lol. Thank you for being an awesome source of traffic 🙂

  2. I love the way you’ve broken this down! I would love to be this organized when keeping track of my blogging (i’m a new blogger.) I’m curious as to the PicMonkey charge – that seems like a lot, was it for the entire year?

    I’ve personally decided to post once a week for the time being until I can get some sort of flow. I work full-time hours in a part-time position overnight now and that makes it SO unpredictable. That and having kids to take care of, but you know that all too well! 🙂

    Looking forward to reading more of your posts!

    1. Hi Allie!

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! Hmm I guess I should’ve detailed what the charges are for lol. But yes, the charges are for a year. If it were monthly I think I would go broke.

      Work and personal life can be so hectic, so I say do as much as you can in whatever amount of free time you have. Try not to be like me where I tried to do everything at once. I was completely overwhelmed and I ended up being frustrated. A little at a time goes a long way 🙂

  3. Man October did go by fast. Congrats on a successful month! Twitter has the worst conversions, I think Instagram is the way to go.

    It’s almost mid November and I haven’t written a blog post about October yet….aiiiyah…

    1. Hi Lily!

      I am trying to be active on Twitter lol. Sometimes I feel like the conversions would be better than Instagram, I guess its due to how easier it is to post links. Good luck with writing your post for October!

  4. Haha, I don’t mind scary movies too. In fact I get a kick of others who are addicted to some horror movies by carrying it into their daily lives saying that they have nightmares from watching that movie(s). Maybe I would understand that if your a kid but as an adult they have to realize its a movie. Lol
    Nice job on the increase of twitter and instragram followers, keep it up. Hopefully you try not to get overwhelmed with work and home life on top of the blog.
    Kris recently posted…So We’re Looking for a HomeMy Profile

    1. Hi Kris! Thank you! Yes, I’ve been taking it one thing at a time. I realize I can get overwhelmed easily but I try not to show it. Sometimes I don’t even realize I’m overwhelmed until I start feeling stressed out lol.

      I hope you and your wife find a home that you both love!

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