How to Dispute Macy’s Interest Charge When Your Balance is Zero

how to dispute macy's interest chargeIt’s such a great feeling to finally pay off my Macy’s credit card balance. Imagine my surprise when I got a statement in the mail for a $4.77 charge on my zero balanced card. Read on why I wanted to dispute Macy’s interest charge.

I was one credit card down and I had one more to go. I was very close to maxing out my card but once I received my tax refund checks, I paid off half of the balance. The rest of the balance was paid off earlier this month and I could finally say ‘Goodbye Macy’s!’ I’m so happy about it. A job well done!

I’ve developed this self disciplined habit where I will only use a credit card only if I have the cash to pay it. Doing this has helped keep my balance either at zero or very low.

But anyway, my balance is paid off and sadly I have not gone shopping at Macy’s since then. It’s good but at the same time I am more disciplined with how I spend my money now.  

I thought all was good until I received a statement in my email.

At first I thought it was weird but I thought it might just show that I have a zero balance and it was just a statement of my closing balance.

Boy, I thought wrong.

I logged into my account and found that I have a $4.77 interest charge.

Wait what?


His reaction was literally my reaction.

So guess what I did next?

I wanted to dispute Macy’s interest charge.

I called customer service because it was something that I DID NOT want to pay for.


Why do I need to pay for Macy’s interest charge when my card balance was paid in full?

That pissed me off. I know it’s a small amount and that it may seem like nothing to some folks, but to me I see an amount that doesn’t belong there.

I was ready to complain when I had a Macy’s representative on the line. But I stopped because he was too nice and pleasant. I’m also too nice of a person to continue and complain about it. He actually waived that interest charge and he explained why it was on there.

With each closing period, it calculates the interest charge, even though I had paid my balance off in full before the due date, the statement hadn’t closed yet.

Does it make sense?

Well, I’m happy that I didn’t have to pay for that small amount but at least now I know what to expect for the next time I get a weird charge.

But I say dispute your Macy’s interest charge when your account is paid in full, at least now you know they are able to waive it.

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Had this ever happened to you?


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A full-time mom of one from Hawaii who tries to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, finance and family.

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