Personal Goals to Set for Yourself

personal goals to set for yourselfHaving personal goals to set for yourself is just the beginning to starting your journey to becoming debt free. The first place I looked into to help me find some goal ideas was on Instagram. I just love spending some time on Instagram and looking at what others have been posting in the #debtfreecommunity. A lot of people like to list their current or monthly goals.

It’s so interesting to see how other people view debt and the action steps they’re taking to kick debt in the butt.

Which got me to thinking that I should do one too.

It’ll be my daily reminder of what I want to accomplish on this journey whether it’s a short-term goal or a long-term goal.

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As you can see below, I don’t really have a ton of debt.

My debt is basically a credit card and a mortgage.

I left the mortgage last on my personal goals list due to it being half a million dollars. Ugh, the potential investments I could make with that amount of money.

Mainly, my goals is to provide a financial future for my family and make sure that one of us will be able to survive if something were to happen.

Personal goals to set for yourself

My list is mainly what I want to do and what has been completed.

My list looks a bit sad but we all start somewhere.

My list has been updated on 5/26/17.

✔ Pay Off Macy’s Balance $524.00 (Paid off in April 2017)

✔ Pay Off Citi Balance $442.77 $487.00 $240.02 (Paid off in May 2017)

✔ Cancel 24 hr Fitness Membership (Canceled in April, $41 back to me)

⇒ Open a ROTH IRA (For myself and boyfriend by end of May 2017. Debating if I should do one for my son too)

⇒ Start a College Savings Fund (Either a ROTH IRA or 529 Plan by the end of May 2017)

✔ Start a Christmas Savings Account (By end of May 2017. Save $50 a month until November and I should have $350) Started May 5/12/17

⇒ Have $6,000 cash savings for emergencies ($3,000 more to go)

✔ Start a Birthday/Holiday Fund for 2018 (Starting May 2017, Save $50 a month that will be ongoing forever, will be used for buying presents or as money gifts, for any birthdays or holidays such as Mother’s Day) Started May 5/12/17

⇒ Tackle Mortgage Loan (Ugh, houses in Hawaii is so expensive >_<)

Taking a glance at my list, it looks like it’s mainly building some type of savings.

Want to see how I’m going to try and accomplish each one? Visit my resources page here, Recommended Resources.

You can also stay up to date with my Debt Report and Goals.

Create a list of personal goals to set for yourself  if you don’t have a list yet and look back at what you have accomplished so far.


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A full-time mom of one from Hawaii who tries to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, finance and family.
Join Me On

A full-time mom of one from Hawaii who tries to keep it together. Join me as I write about budgeting, finance and family.

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  1. Great goals you have there Melanie! With persistence, discipline and determination, you will achieve all those goals in the near future.

    1. Thank you Mrs. MFB! It’s a start and I’m definitely looking forward to completing them 🙂

      Thanks for commenting!


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