Here’s a list of tools that I hope will help you as much as it has helped me. I use these tools on the daily especially when I want to track where my money is going. I trust these tools so much to help me with my goals that I decided to join their affiliate programs and share it with you.

This page has affiliate links. What it means is that I could receive a small commission if you click on a link of the product or service that I recommend to you, but it is of no cost to you.



MONEY LOVER – I use this app on the daily when I want to track my expenses and see how much money I have left. It also helps with my budgeting because I can see what categories majority of my money is going to. Another plus for me with this app is that I can list my recurring monthly charges and get reminders about it.


PERSONAL FINANCE – Another one of my favorite most used apps is Personal Finance. It gives me a whole overview of what my net worth is, what my expenses are whether its paid by my debit or credit card and it analyzes my 401(k). It’s pretty awesome and I see it as a step up from Money Lover.



A helpful guide on How to Set Up Your WordPress Blog

BLUEHOST – When I was ready to start my blog, I looked into this company because my favorite finance blogger had also used this company when he started his blog. I’ve used GoDaddy before so I didn’t think there was much of a difference with hosting, but once I compared pricing for the name of my future blog I was floored! I couldn’t believe how expensive GoDaddy was! BlueHost became my pick and I couldn’t be anymore happier. Setting up my blog with was easy, setting up my email account was easy, and I love how easy it was to use their site, everything is pretty much done for you in a step-by-step manner. Now I see why my favorite blogger promotes this webhost.

Start brainstorming some names below!

THEMEFOREST – I have created blogs in the past and it was all from using free templates. I’ve never bought a theme before so I was a bit skeptical. Gosh I’m so glad I didn’t listen to myself, the biggest help was the theme’s support help and it is super easy to just drag and drop things and adding content.



RECEIPT HOG – This app is so simple, all you do is take photos of your receipts and once it goes in for submission, it gets reviewed and you’re awarded coins. I must admit though, it takes time building up coins for gift cards and you do have to remember to take a photo of your receipt as there is a expiration on receipts.

SHOPKICK – This app is so easy to use. You log into this app, find items at your nearest store and take a picture of the barcode. You receive kicks for each item scanned which you can later submit for gift cards. You also receive kicks for entering a store if you have your Bluetooth on.

SWAGBUCKS – I have to admit that I leave the video section playing on my phone while I’m at work. It’s so easy to rack up points on this app. Even though you won’t get rich doing this, at least you’ll get free gifts cards.

CHECKOUT51 – This site offers cash back offers on many different items that you shop for on a weekly basis. Definitely helps keep your grocery budget low but it’s even better when you can get cash back. They also have an available to download to make planning for your next grocery shopping trip easier.

EBATES – If you like to do some online shopping, the next best cash back system is with Ebates. This system works by shopping online through Ebates and earn cash back on your purchases. You can receive your cash back in a check form or through PayPal.



 Free stock images and videos that you can use anywhere

PicMonkey – I loved their free trial so much that I signed up. This is what I use to create awesome images for my blog. I really like it because there’s so many cute fonts to choose from and the user interface is easy to navigate through.

PicMonkey Photo editing made of win

CANVA – Similar to PicMonkey, this is free to use but the paid version has even more features that is available to use that the free version doesn’t have. I had started out with Canva at first but after awhile, there selection becomes limited. Its great to start off with, try it for yourself.



A very useful course to take for those of you that monetize your blog to make money. Affiliate marketing was one of the reasons why my first blog failed. It was something that I just couldn’t grasp. Giving affiliate marketing a second chance with this course definitely made understanding things for the beginner much easier. I definitely recommend Michelle’s course from Making Sense of Cents to first-time bloggers or even novice bloggers who need help with affiliate marketing.

Check out Michelle’s course -> Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing


A second useful course I took if from Lena Gott who created The Traffic Transformation Guide. Blog owner of What Mommy Does list 21 strategies she did to increase her monthly page views. Her course is packed with so much information that even though I completed it, I’m slowly applying what I learned to my blog. I still refer to it here and there to keep her tips fresh in my mind.

Checkout 51 Home

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